Aaron Lowe

 Aaron, throughout all the years of being at UMA its crazy to see how our friendship has grown. There is not one person I’d be more proud to call my best friend! You have supported everything I’ve done even if you didn’t agree with it. We have been through many life changes and I just want you to know that I love you no matter what!
– Baylee Tyler (Best Friend)

You are such a bundle of joy Aaron. You have inspired me so much, you are always so happy and positive. You care about everyone and you’ve helped me through some of the roughest times I’ve had to go through. I’m so thankful to have met you and been one of your fellow sbos. I wish you the best of luck in college and I hope to see you soon! Love ya ❤
– Mallorie Andersen

Congratulations! My wish for you…
– Samantha Tilton

You were always so supportive of me and you were a light in people’s lives. Thank you for everything that you’ve ever done and I’m so excited to see everything that you will do.
– Noelle Falaschi – Debate Buddy?