Bosten Schilleman


  • CANDIDATE: Bosten Schilleman
  • RUNNING FOR: SBO Business Manager


  • WHY do you want to be SBO?
    • I have been an SBO for a while now, since 8th grade specifically, so I know how to be an SBO and to help. This would also mean that I know the changes that have come over the council and the SBO staff and I’ve seen the good and bad things that have come. I can avoid those bad things and reincorporate the good things with a twist and then add new things to the system. I also just love to help out as much as I can where I can and being an SBO I can do all that and more.
  • What skills, talents, expertise, or things will you add to SBO?
    • I have dedication beyond belief when I find something that is worth my time and that is a lot of things. Something that is really worth a lot of me is being part of SBO. I love it, I love to get the inside scoop of what’s truly happening behind the scenes of the student body. I can be one of the essential gears in this system. Since I am running for business manager that would mean that I like to stay organized and planned out. Have a set-out plan that looks good. One that everyone likes and agrees with. That’s another thing, I am a great listener, if the student body needs to be heard, I will stand by and hear for them. After all, our school isn’t the place or the building, it’s the people that make up the student body, we are a family.
  • What ideas do you have for SBO or for UMA for 2020-2021?
    • My ideas right now for the 2020-2021 school year is to mainly listen to the student body. If they want better dances, I will do my absolute best to get better fundraising to fund those dances and make them amazing. That is my biggest idea for this upcoming year is to listen to the student body more and to understand them as a person, not just another part of the huge machine. When people get listened to and they feel like they are important and that they have a purpose and that gives them positive energy. With positive energy, you can do anything, nothing can stop you, except the negative energy but that’s why I’m running so we can smash the negative energy out of the way and get going with the positive energy movement. We can do it together. With me as part of the SBO I will be a “CEO”. A chief energy officer.