Boston John

 Boston, we are so incredibly proud of you! All of your accomplishments have been so impressive! We have especially enjoyed going skiing/snowboarding with you the last couple winters. You’ve grown up to be incredibly well rounded, fun, intelligent and kind. We know you are going to do big things in your future!
– Jamie John (Aunt)

Congratulations Boston on your exciting and successful high school years! We will miss you on the baseball field and hearing about your ER visits. (-: God bless you on your path to Columbia and beyond!
– The Battema Family

Hey graduate! I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments. I can’t believe that only yesterday you were this little babe, toddler, Lego builder, Daddy’s helper, athlete (with a few injuries😕), car fixer-upper guy, and most importantly a scholar with a brilliant mind! I’m so excited that you’ve been accepted at your premier Ivy League university knowing that you will excel in everything that you attempt… as you have already done. May you always remain humble and kind and take every advantage that comes to you with pride. So many people are supporting you in your endeavors. We all are there for you, Boston, because you are loved with abundance. Go Columbia!!
– Grandma Cathy
Love Alyx Jeppesen

From the day you were born we’ve been in your background watching with anticipation where your life would lead. You were very focused and driven from a young age so we knew that your path was going to be fun to follow. Fun it was! Every time your mom wrote us about a new development we would run to the computer to read about your latest adventure or accomplishment. It’s been a joy to watch it all unfold, and it will be a pleasure to witness the next phase of your journey.
We are so proud of you Bos!
Roar, Lion, Roar

Love Mike, Roni, Brooke and Zach
The Brunner Family ~ CHA CHA CHA

Boston you have always been a great consistently supportive Friend. We are so proud of you and know that you will go far!
– Tui Breckterfield

Congratulations. Can’t wait to see all the awesome accomplishments you will have. May you stay happy, healthy, focused and successful.
– Mama Karen Summers