JH History of Comics


Anyone who has stepped in to Captain Curtis’s classroom has likely noticed the area near my desk that resembles a shrine of sorts (I call it a “tribute”) to Captain America and Marvel comics in general. On occasion I’ve even been teased about why a grown man would collect, obsess over, or be so fascinated by Steve Rogers, and the creations of Stan Lee. Some call it childish, immature, or argue that this is a “geek” thing, or something only nerds and gamers may care about. Those people would be wrong.

You see, in comics are human stories that transcend their medium. Sure, there are mutants with superpowers, but many are reflective of the human frailties and feelings we all have. Sometimes we all feel invisible. Sometimes we all feel uncontrollable rage, and worry about the destruction we might cause. Sometimes we all feel trapped by our family, or tradition, or culture, or “duty.” Sometimes we all feel like mutants. So-called “superhero” comics and stories are, at their core, human dramas that deal with issues of what courage truly is, what it means to be brave, and how to stand for something, to press on when you lose everything, and to sometimes put on a mask… to hide your tears.

On a personal level many of these stories have shaped my own life in the “real world.” Iron-Man taught me the value of ingenuity and perseverance. Spiderman taught me that with great power comes great responsibility. Cap taught me to plant myself like a tree besides truth. These colorful works of fiction remind me that it is the duty of the powerful to care for the weak, that we ALL have weaknesses, and they help us understand that no man is so great he doesn’t need a friends, advice, a “sidekick,” or a team. You see, those who make comics are master storytellers, artists, and a powerful force for good. They, themselves, wear no capes, have no supernatural abilities, are born on Earth, and are mortal after all. However, they prove that superheroes DO exist, because they ARE ones.

And everyone knows that superheroes can never die. They merely pass on their mantle.    – CPT Curtis


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B Day Schedule – Spring 2022

Tuesday, Jan 18 – Classroom Orientation / Discussion with Mr. Storm

Thursday, Jan 20 – Adjusted due to Online Schooling

Friday, Jan 21 – Adjusted due to Online Schooling

Tuesday, Jan 25 – Classroom Orientation / Discussion with CPT Curtis / DISCLOSURE (DUE Jan 27)

Thursday, Jan 27Comic Book Choose / Handout (Due Feb 3)

Tuesday, Feb 1Comic Book Report (Due Feb 3) / Reading and Choosing Books

Thursday, Feb 3Comic Book Report (Due Feb 3) / Presenting Reports In Class

Friday, Feb 4 – Video – Falcon and the Winter Soldier Ep 1

Tuesday, Feb 8What Makes a Superhero / The Hero’s Journey_

Thursday, Feb 10QUIZ – Hero’s Journey / Class Rules  / Character Profile – Creating A Hero (DUE Feb 17) (Computers Recommended)

Tuesday, Feb 15Character Profile – Creating Your Own Hero (DUE Feb 17) / Design (Computers Recommended)

Thursday, Feb 17 – Hero Presentations with partner / Solidify Hero / (Computers Recommended)

Tuesday, Feb 22 – Hero Presentations to Class (optional) / Characters Locked In

Thursday, Feb 24 – Designing A Hero (On Paper, but if on Computer, submit HERE)

Tuesday, Mar 1 – Finishing Hero Design / Sharing with Others

Thursday, Mar 3 Movie Poster Intro (DUE Mar 17)

Friday, Mar 4Video Day – The Man Who Killed Batman

Tuesday, Mar 8What Makes A Villain / Quiz

Thursday, Mar 10 – Working on Movie Poster / VIDEO 1

Tuesday, Mar 15 – Working on Movie Poster / VIDEO 2

Thursday, Mar 17 – Working on Movie Poster / VIDEO 3

End Term 3 (21 days)


Tuesday, Mar 22 Movie Poster Work

Thursday, Mar 24 – ACT Testing Day (Only Juniors At School)

Friday, Mar 25Video Day – Avatar & X-Men

Tuesday, Mar 29Movie Poster Work

Thursday, Mar 31 – Final Movie Poster Work

Spring Break Apr 4-8

Tuesday, Apr 12MOVIE POSTER DUE!!!! / Reading Comics for those done

Thursday, Apr 14Anatomy of a Comic Book Lesson

Friday, Apr 15Video Day – Marvel / Disney’s “What If?”

Tuesday, Apr 19 – Finish Anatomy of a Comic Book / Comic Panel Handout (DUE Apr 26)

Thursday, Apr 21Comic Panel Handout (DUE Apr 28)

Tuesday, Apr 26Comic Jobs Presentation / Gallery Walk of Comic Movie Posters

Thursday, Apr 28 – Comic Work / Example Comic Panel Templates

Friday, Apr 29Video Day – Dark Oracle

Tuesday, May 3 – Comic Work

Thursday, May 5Comic Work

Tuesday, May 10Comic Work

Thursday, May 12Comic Work

Friday, May 13 – Video Day – Original Superman Cartoons

Tuesday, May 17Comic Work

Thursday, May 19 – COMICS DUE

Tuesday, May 24 – Ten Rules for Life (Final Lesson)

Thursday, May 26 – No Classes (End of Year Assembly)

Friday, May 27 – Graduation / Last Day of School

End Term 4 / Semester 2 (21 days)

Direct any questions to Mr. Storm at dstorm@utahmilitaryacademy.org or CPT Curtis at jcurtis@utahmilitaryacademy.org