Dallen Bartels

You’ve always been so quiet… In class, at lunch, v in the hall… But I’ve seen past that quiet front, and found someone with a deep and curious intellect, and the strength of a wolf. Best wishes going forward, and remember you will always be part of the pack. Congratulations Alpha Wolf!
– Elise McCutchan

 Dallen i’m so happy i got to meet you this year in our debate class. i don’t know if ya remember me too well but i’m the girl who would give you hugs almost everyday. i believe you told me you’re gonna be graduating this year then go into the marines. well if you do, i wish you best of luck. i never saw you hang with anyone much and i’m glad i could put a smile on your face sometimes. gonna miss you a lot and pretty sad that i’m most likely not gonna get to see you again this year. well if you ever need anything let me know and please take care of yourself. ❤
Greta Erickson