Danacka McBride


  • CANDIDATE: Danacka McBride
  • RUNNING FOR: SBO Secretary


  • WHY do you want to be SBO?
    • I want to be an SBO because it is my last year and I want to be able to experience and participate to the fullest that I can. I would love to help and organize things for my school and support other cadets in what they are doing, along with getting other people to want to support fellow cadets and show school pride. I want to try soemthing new and learn new things and experiences out of it.
  • What skills, talents, expertise, or things will you add to SBO?
    • I am very punctual and rarely miss obligation I make, I am very organized and really good at it. I love being able to spread information, whether it be through social media or in the hallway. I love and am pretty good at making nice and cute post or posters. I am good leadership and social skills that would benefit our school and I work really hard and follow through on what I am doing and am up for any task.
  • What ideas do you have for SBO or for UMA for 2020-2021?
    • I would like to have a theme of the week. So on Monday’s we could wear socks and Friday’s ties that relate to the theme. The SBO’s decide who had the best sock and tie of the week and could get a prize, such as a fee drink or chip at sports event, which would also help incline people’s attendance at schools activities. Along with the theme, we could sell stuff according to that theme in the morning, lunch, and after school to help fundraise.