* NOTE: UMA Shark Tank for Fall Semester is Wednesday, October 30th, and for Spring Semester is Wednesday, March 25th.

Economics is, in a nutshell, the study of how we use limited resources to satisfy unlimited wants and needs. The problem of scarcity, then, is not only an Economic one, but a world one. Economics Matters!

This course introduces Cadets to the basic Economic concepts in both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.These topics are split into 5 units –

Unit 1 – Economic Beginnings, Basics, and Scarcity
Unit 2 – Consumer Economics / Supply and Demand
Unit 3 – Business, Labor, and Market Structure*
Unit 4 – The Governments Role in Economics
Unit 5 – Macroeconomics and the World Economy

Course Syllabus Attached Below:

Open Disclosure – Economics – 2019-2020

Course Calendar, Notes, and Assignments

Direct any questions to CPT Curtis at jcurtis@utahmilitaryacademy.org

* In lieu of a test, Unit 3 will culminate in “UMA Shark Tank” in which Cadets will, in groups, present a business proposal in front of a panel of “sharks.” This is a MANDATORY attendance activity for the course, and missing is equivocal to skipping a test.