Elizabeth McClain


  • CANDIDATE: Elizabeth McClain
  • RUNNING FOR: SBO Secretary


  • WHY do you want to be SBO?
    • I want to be an SBO because I love to help others and spread positivity and I feel like being an SBO would help. I love to support my friends and teams so I try my best to go to as many events as I can. I try my best to encourage people to try their best and not to give up because I hate seeing people fail and feel discouraged. I have been very interested in being an SBO for a while too.
  • What skills, talents, expertise, or things will you add to SBO?
    • I love to play volleyball, sing, and be a good friend. I am good at encouraging people to get their work done and to be more positive. I am also good at getting things done and keeping promises.
  • What ideas do you have for SBO or for UMA for 2020-2021?
    • Some ideas would be to have more fun events throughout the school year and to have an extra dance to make up for prom. We can also have a “Welcome Back” assembly so we can do some fun activities as we reunited with some friends. We can also get some ideas from other cadets.