World Geography


“You can’t know where you are going, if you don’t know where you are now.”   – Charles De Gaulle

“To truly understand WHO you are, you must understand WHERE you are.”   – Josephine Hart

“Geography has made us all neighbors.”   – John F Kennedy

The Goal of World Geography is to teach Cadets to understand the world in spatial terms, including the human and physical characteristics of places. They will understand the human and physical interaction in their environment, the elements that make up culture, and the human influence on the world. The goal of this course is NOT to “memorize all the countries of the world on a map,” but, rather, to recognize the regions of the world, elements of them, how to read and interpret maps, and see themselves as a cultural, physical, and vital part of the global world.

A few key reminders:

  • A recording for the beginning of each class (TO INCLUDE THE JOURNAL QUESTION) will be posted.
    That recording WILL include entire lectures, activities, or projects, but NOT quizzes, tests, etc.
  • While lectures will be recorded and streamed, the PPT and PDF versions of each PPT is also available on the schedule.

World Geography – A Day Schedule* – 

Spring 2022 (Terms 3 & 4)*

Wednesday, Jan 19 – Submit Disclosure (Jan 26) *Adjusted due to Online Schooling

Monday, Jan 24 – Classroom Orientation / Disclosure (Jan 26)

Wednesday, Jan 26 – NOTES – Day 1 – Geography – What, Why, and How

Friday, Jan 28Quiz – Themes of Geography & Class Rules

Monday, Jan 31 – NOTES – Day 2 – Maps

Wednesday, Feb 2MOWYL (Map of Where You Live) (DUE Feb 9) / Example Map

Monday, Feb 7MOWYL (Map of Where You Live) (DUE Feb 9) / Example Map

Wednesday, Feb 9 – NOTES – Day 3 – Globes and Regions

Friday, Feb 11World Map Activity (done as a group) Absent Cadets complete THIS (DUE Feb 14)

Monday, Feb 14 – NOTES – Day 4 – Time Zones

Wednesday, Feb 16Study Guide – Geography Themes (DUE Feb 25)

Wednesday, Feb 23 – Finish Study Guide / Jeopardy?

Friday, Feb 25TEST – Geography Themes / Extra Credit Article

Monday, Feb 28 – NOTES – Day 1 – Weather and Climate

Wednesday, Mar 2Climate Change Discussion

Monday, Mar 7 – NOTES – Day 2 – Seasons and Weather

Wednesday, Mar 9Picture for Handout / Weather and Seasons Handout (DUE Mar 14)

Friday, Mar 11Study Guide – Climate and Seasons (DUE Mar 16)

Monday, Mar 14 – Jeopardy

Wednesday, Mar 16TEST – Climate and Seasons / Extra Credit Article

End Term 3 (20 Days)


Monday, Mar 21 – NOTES – Day 1 – Culture

Wednesday, Mar 23My Personal Culture Handout (DUE Mar 30)

Monday, Mar 28 – NOTES – Day 2 – Immigration and Counterculture

Wednesday, Mar 30QUIZ – Culture and Counter-Culture

Friday, Apr 1The World As A Village

Spring Break Apr 4-8

Monday, Apr 11 – NOTES – Day 3 – Culture Groups and Stereotypes

Wednesday, Apr 13Prejudice / Racism Activity / Handout (DUE Apr 20)

Monday, Apr 18 – NOTES – Day 4 – Gender roles

Wednesday, Apr 20Study Guide – Cultural Geography (DUE Apr 25)

Friday, Apr 22 – SERVICE DAY (Study Guide still needed)

Monday, Apr 25TEST – Cultural Geography (OPEN STUDY GUIDE) / Extra Credit Article

Wednesday, Apr 27Example of Final Project (Russia)Final Project Work / Topics Chosen

Monday, May 2Final Project WorkTopics and Schedule – Spring 2022

Wednesday, May 4Final Project Work / Topics and Schedule – Spring 2022

Friday, May 6 Final Project Work / Topics and Schedule – Spring 2022

Monday, May 9Final Project Presentations

Wednesday, May 11Final Project Presentations

Monday, May 16Final Project Presentations

Wednesday, May 18Final Project Presentations

Friday, May 20Final Project Presentations

Monday, May 23 Ten Rules for Life (Final Lesson)

Wednesday, May 25 – TBD

Friday, May 27 – Graduation / Last Day of School

End Term 4 / Semester 2 (22 Days)


*SUBJECT TO CHANGE (Changes will be updated weekly on class website and Canvas)

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