Government and Citizenship

governmentandcitizenship“I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion.”
– Thomas Jefferson

The goal of this course is for Cadets to understand the general forms of government that exist in the world, the differences between core political theory, and then understand the evolution of the American Form of Government – as studied through our “Founding Documents.” The second term focuses on the structure and makeup of the U.S. Government and concludes with the responsibilities of American Citizens.

KEY NOTE: In order to graduate high school in the State of Utah, a student must pass a “Citizenship Test,” consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions, taken from the Utah Government website. A passing score is 70% (35 questions correct). Taking and passing this exam is part of this course as well. CLICK HERE FOR A STUDY GUIDE FOR CIVICS EXAM

The course is divided into
Unit 1 – Forms of Government
Unit 2 – Documents of Freedom
Unit 3 – American Government

A few key reminders:

  • The Link for “live stream” is
  • A recording for the beginning of each class (TO INCLUDE THE JOURNAL QUESTION) will be posted.
    That recording WILL include entire lectures, activities, or projects, but NOT quizzes, tests, etc.
  • While lectures will be recorded and streamed, the PDF version of each PPT is also available on the schedule.
  • This is a ONE Semester Class, but required for Graduation
  • Direct any questions to CPT Curtis at

Government – A Day Schedule – Spring 2020

Wednesday, Jan 20 – Classroom Orientation / Disclosure (DUE Jan 25)

Friday, Jan 22Island Nation Handout / Creating Class Government

Monday, Jan 25 –Presenting Island Nations / Creating Class Gov’t Continued

Wednesday, Jan 27Day 1 – Why Government / (Quiz?) / Institute Class Gov’t

Monday, Feb 1Forms of Government Handout (DUE Feb 5) / FOG Poster (DUE Feb 19)

Wednesday, Feb 3Day 2 – Forms of Government

Friday, Feb 5 –  FOG Poster (DUE Feb 19)

Monday, Feb 8Day 3 – Communism vs Capitalism

Wednesday, Feb 10C vs C Handout (DUE Feb 17) / QUIZ – FOG / Communism

Presidents’ Day Feb 15

Wednesday, Feb 17Day 4 – Propaganda

Friday, Feb 19Study Guide – Forms of Government (DUE Feb 24)

Monday, Feb 22 – Jeopardy / Prep for Test

Wednesday, Feb 24TEST – Forms of Government / Extra Credit Article

Monday, Mar 1Day 1 – Magna Carta and Philosophes

Wednesday, Mar 3QUIZ – M.C. and Philosophes

Friday, Mar 5Mayflower Handout (DUE Mar 15) / Rewriting the Compact

Monday, Mar 8Day 2 – Mayflower and Flushing

Wednesday, Mar 10Day 3 – The Declaration of Independence

Monday, Mar 15Declaration Vs. Treatise Handout  (DUE Mar 22)

Wednesday, Mar 17Day 4 – AOC and Constitutional Convention

End Term 3 (20 Days)


Monday, Mar 22Study Guide – Documents of Freedom (DUE Mar 26)

Wednesday, Mar 24 – Jeopardy / Prep for Test

Friday, Mar 26TEST – Documents of Freedom / Extra Credit Article

Monday, Mar 29Day 1 – Articles and Three Branches

Wednesday, Mar 31Checks and Balances Handout (DUE Apr 12) / Quiz on 3 Branches


Monday, Apr 12Day 2 – Remaining Articles and Themes

Wednesday, Apr 14Day 3 – How A Bill Becomes A Law

Friday, Apr 16Writing A Bill (DUE Apr 19)

Monday, Apr 19 – Mock Congress Day 1 = A1 / A4

Wednesday, Apr 21 – Mock Congress Day 2 = A1 / A4

Monday, Apr 26 – Mock Congress Day 3 = A1 / A4

Wednesday, Apr 28Day 4 – Amendments – Process and Bill of Rights

Friday, Apr 30Day 5 – Amendments – Remaining Changes

Monday, May 3U.S. Civics Test (*Required for Graduation) (STUDY PREP HELP) / Study Guide – Constitution  (DUE May 10)

Wednesday, May 5Study Guide – Constitution  (DUE May 10)

Monday, May 10TEST – Constitution / Extra Credit Article – Electoral College

Wednesday, May 12Civics Test Make-up / Vote on Final Debate Topics

Friday, May 14Political Issues & Debate (DUE MAY 19)

Monday, May 17Political Issues & Debate (DUE MAY 19)

Wednesday, May 19Political Issues & Debate (DUE MAY 19)

Monday, May 24Ten Rules for Life (Final Lesson)

Wednesday, May 26 – Class Party / Final Day to turn in work

Friday, May 28 – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL / Graduation

End Term 4 / Semester 2 (22 Days)

Direct Questions to CPT Curtis at