Mallorie Andersen


  • CANDIDATE: Mallorie Andersen
  • RUNNING FOR: SBO Business Manager


  • WHY do you want to be SBO?
    • I want to be an SBO because I love UMA and i want to help everyone have the best experience at UMA as possible, and i want to be able to help people give input on what they want out of their experiences. I love hyping people up and getting people excited for activities. I want to help with the fun school spirit activities because it is important to me that the school is a family and bonds.
  • What skills, talents, expertise, or things will you add to SBO?
    • I am very responsible, persistent, dedicated, organized, and I’m always trying to improve. I try and participate in everything possible and support everyone. I love math and am very good at it. I enjoy planning, and decorating things. I also love incorporating everyone’s ideas together so that everyone is involved. I put everyone else before myself and i try and help everyone as much as possible.
  • What ideas do you have for SBO or for UMA for 2020-2021?
    • Now that we own our campuses building i would love to see something done to help commemorate the event and remember it. I want to help people be more aware and supportive of the sports, by putting more posters up and making sure every home game we have concessions. I want to make sure that the sbos are always excited for each event because the more excited we are the more excited the student body is, and the more excited they are them more school spirit we have, and to me school spirit is the most important part of being an SBO.