Psychology 101


“We know what we are, but not what we might be.” –
Ophelia, in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” William James

Most of society’s challenging problems—including crime, poverty, prejudice, violence, and environmental sustainability— are related to human attitudes, values, and behavior. Psychology informs our understanding of these problems and their solutions. Defined as the scientific study of the mind and behavior, Cadets in this course will gain an understanding of the complexities and diversity of human thought and behavior – skills that can be applied to their own lives, and those around them.

The Course is broken up into 5 Units, or “domains” –
Unit 1 – Scientific Inquiry
Unit 2 – Biology in Psychology
Unit 3 – Development and Learning
Unit 4 – Personality and Motivation
Unit 5 – Abnormal Psychology

Disclosure and Course Calendar (with Assignments, Due Dates, and Notes) Below:

A few key reminders:

  • The Link for “live stream” is
  • A recording for the beginning of each class (TO INCLUDE THE JOURNAL QUESTION) will be posted.
    That recording WILL include entire lectures, activities, or projects, but NOT quizzes, tests, etc.
  • While lectures will be recorded and streamed, the PDF versions of each PPT is also available on the schedule.
  • Direct any questions to CPT Curtis at

Psychology – A Day Schedule – Spring 2020

Wednesday, Jan 20 – Classroom Orientation / Disclosure (DUE Jan 25)

Friday, Jan 22 –  Classroom Observations (In-Class Only)

Monday, Jan 25Day 1 – What is Psychology

Wednesday, Jan 27Day 2 – Methods and Problems in Experimentation

Monday, Feb 1QUIZ – S.I. and Methods of Experimentation

Wednesday, Feb 3Day 3 – Tools of Experimentation

Friday, Feb 5Variables Handout (Due Feb 10)

Monday, Feb 8Day 4 – Interpreting Results

Wednesday, Feb 10Study Guide – S.I. and Psychology (DUE Feb 19)

Presidents’ Day Feb 15

Wednesday, Feb 17Due to Online Day – Finish Study Guide / Prepare for Test

Friday, Feb 19TEST – S.I. and Psychology / Extra Credit Article

Monday, Feb 22Day 1 – Biology and Neurons

Wednesday, Feb 24Special Lesson – “Taste” Testing and Senses

Monday, Mar 1Day 2 – Hormones

Wednesday, Mar 3Quiz – Neurons and Hormones

Friday, Mar 5Brain Games / Optical Illusion Hallucination Video

Monday, Mar 8Day 3 – The Brain

Wednesday, Mar 10Study Guide – Biological Psychology (DUE Mar 17)

Monday, Mar 15 – Jeopardy / Test Prep

Wednesday, Mar 17TEST – Biological Psychology / Extra Credit – Split Brain

End Term 3 (20 Days)


Monday, Mar 22Day 1 – Conditioning and Learning

Wednesday, Mar 24QUIZ – L & C / Teaching Handout for Online

Friday, Mar 26Day 2 – Methods of Learning

Monday, Mar 29Teaching Handout (Due Mar 31-Apr 12)

Wednesday, Mar 31 – Teaching Project Schedule / Grading Criteria / Solo Project


Monday, Apr 12 – Teaching Project Schedule / Grading Criteria / Solo Project

Wednesday, Apr 14Day 1 – Personality

Friday, Apr 16Personality Tests (DUE Apr 21) / Extra Credit Prsnlty

Monday, Apr 19Day 2 – Motivation

Wednesday, Apr 21Quiz – Personality and Motivation

Monday, Apr 26Day 3 – Defense Mechanisms

Wednesday, Apr 28Study Guide – Personality and Motivation  (DUE May 3)

Friday, Apr 30 – Jeopardy / Test Prep

Monday, May 3TEST- Personality and Motivation / Extra Credit Prsnlty

Wednesday, May 5Final Project Work / Handout / Possible Topics

Monday, May 10 – Final Project Work / Topics and Schedule Spring 2020

Wednesday, May 12 – Final Project Presentations / Topics and Schedule Spring 2020

Friday, May 14 – Final Project Presentations / Topics and Schedule Spring 2020

Monday, May 17 – Final Project Presentations / Topics and Schedule Spring 2020

Wednesday, May 19 – Final Project Presentations / Topics and Schedule Spring 2020

Monday, May 24 – Ten Rules for Life (Final Lesson)

Wednesday, May 26 –  TBD

Friday, May 28 – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL / Graduation

End Term 4 / Semester 2 (22 Days)

Direct any questions to CPT Curtis at