All Cadets interested in running for SBO (Student Body Officers) must fill out the form below and return it to CPT Curtis NLT May 1, 2019 (Wednesday).

Campaigning (including posters) will take place May 6-10, 2019. Elections will be on May 10.

SBO Application

SBO REQUIREMENTS: To apply for SBO at UMA Cadets MUST meet the eligibility requirements for Athletics
(no less than a 2.0 GPA, and no more than 1 F). After being elected, a Cadet is expected to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA during their tenure, with Cadets not meeting it being placed on probation. Further, any Class III infraction will lead to a conference with SBO Advisor and UMA Administration which may result in Cadet’s dismissal from SBO.


SBO COMMITMENT: There will be ONE Flight Time / Reading Time devoted to SBO weekly (TBD) and attendance will be recorded. Failure to attend more than 50% of the time may result in a Cadet being dismissed from SBO. Failure to meet eligibility requirements will result in a Cadet being placed on “probation” and any violation during that time will result in dismissal from SBO

In order to promote school spirit, and the leadership role of SBO, each SBO Cadet will be required to give 10 “Service Hours” per month to Student Activities – athletic games, team competitions, etc. These hours will be tracked by the SBO Advisor, and failure to meet the minimum in one month will result in probation, with the same rules as above.


SBO ACTIVITIES: It is expected that all SBO members attend all SBO functions, with exceptions being approved by the SBO Advisor (or for other school-activity conflicts)



SBO PRESIDENT: This Cadet will be in charge of running SBO meetings, coordinating with the SBO Advisor, Parent Advisor, and Administration for all activities, to include dances, fund-raisers, spirit weeks, etc. This requires comfortability talking with Administration, with businesses, making phone calls as needed, and with delegating tasks to other SBO members. 9-12 Grade

Note: Applying for this position will require a one-minute or less “speech” to be given to the UMA Student Body / Formation on a date to be determined explaining why a Cadet feels they would be a good President, and what ideas or changes they would like to see.


SBO VICE-PRESIDENT: When the SBO President is absent, this Cadet would “fill in” as President, managing meetings and fulfilling roles listed above. They are also expected to be the point of contact for other SBO Members, for attendance at meetings, and for tracking Service Hours (along with the SBO Advisor) 9-12 Grade


                SBO SECRETARY / TREASURER: If both the VP and President are absent, this Cadet is expected to fill in for the above roles. In addition, this Cadet will be the Point of Contact for the Budget, fund-raising, and all monetary issues related to SBO. NO fund-raising activity or spending from SBO / PIC Budget should take place without this Cadet’s knowledge, tracking, and communication to Administration, SBO Advisor, and Parent Advisor.   9-12 Grade


                CLASS PRESIDENTS: Each Grade will elect one President of their Grade to represent their grade level, interests, and fellow Cadets for all SBO purposes. All Grades (7-12), One Per Grade


SBO COUNCIL: In addition to the above roles, a minimum of one Cadet from each Grade will also serve on SBO Council, representing their Grade, and fellow Cadets, and being a integral part of the decisions, activities, etc. of UMA. It is imperative that tasks that each Council Member is assigned is fulfilled, and having a successful SBO means having active, opinion-sharing, and hands-on SBO members. All Grades (7-12), Minimum One Per Grade


ELECTIONS / CAMPAIGNING: The UMA Student Body will be voting for the SBO President, Vice-President, and Secretary, and Cadets will also vote for Council Members for their respective grades. These elections will be held
May 10, 2019 during Flight Time, with results announced May 13, 2019 during Formation. Campaigning, posters, and talking with Cadets about voting will take place the week of May 6 – May 10.