US History II (1st Semester 2020)

US History II

American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful, and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it.”
– James Baldwin

“In the course of American history, great steps are taken by ordinary people, and ordinary people are not perfect.”
– Tommy Lee Jones

“We are not makers of History. We are made by History.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

   U.S. History II begins where U.S. History I (usually 8th Grade) should have left off – with the end of the American Civil War and Reconstruction. Thus, this year-long class for Juniors will study the rise of the United States as a Global Superpower, from the Turn of the Century and Industrial Revolution, through World War I, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, and the Modern War on Terrorism, stretching into Iraq, Afghanistan, and President Trump.

Of the many lessons that Cadets should glean from this course, foremost is this – We live in a global world, and the conflicts of their generation tie directly to those of the previous ones.

The Course is divided into the following units:
– Review / Themes of History
Unit 1Westward Ho! / Industrial Revolution / Spanish American War
Unit 2Progressive Reforms / WWI
Unit 3Roaring Twenties / Great Depression
Unit 4Rise of Dictators / WWII
Unit 5Cold War / Civil Rights Era / Korea & Vietnam
Unit 69/11 / War on Terror / Iraq, Afghanistan, and Beyond
Final Projects

A few key reminders:

  • The Link for “live stream” is
  • A recording for the beginning of each class (TO INCLUDE THE JOURNAL QUESTION) will be posted.
    That recording WILL include entire lectures, activities, or projects, but NOT quizzes, tests, etc.
  • While lectures will be recorded and streamed, the PPT and PDF versions of each PPT is also available on the schedule.
  • Direct any questions to CPT Curtis at

U.S. History II (B1, B2, B4, B5) – B Day Schedule – 2020-2021

Tuesday, Aug 25 – Classroom Orientation / Disclosure (DUE Sep 1)

Thursday, Aug 276 Themes of History / My Personal History (DUE Sep 4)

Tuesday, Sep 1Quiz – Class Rules and Themes of History / Extra Credit Artifact “Show and Tell”

Thursday, Sep 3US History I Review and Assessment (DUE Sep 4)

Friday, Sep 4 – Review US History I Assessment


Tuesday, Sep 8Day 1 – Expansion and Immigration

Thursday, Sep 10QUIZ – Expansion and Immigration

Tuesday, Sep 15Day 2 – The Gilded Age

Thursday, Sep 17Assembly Line Activity

Friday, Sep 18Yellow Journalism Assignment (DUE Oct 9)

Tuesday, Sep 22Day 3 – Spanish American War

Thursday, Sep 24Study Guide – SAW (DUE Oct 1)

Tuesday, Sep 29Jeopardy / Finish Study Guide / Test Prep

Thursday, Oct 1TEST – Gilded Age and SAW / Extra Credit Article

Tuesday, Oct 6Day 1 – Causes of WWI

Thursday, Oct 8Causes of WWI Crossword (Due Oct 13)

Friday, Oct 9 – Finish Yellow Journalism / Crossword / Test Corrections

Tuesday, Oct 13Day 2 – A New Type of Warfare

FALL BREAK Oct 15-16

Tuesday, Oct 20QUIZ – New War and WWI Changes

Thursday, Oct 22Day 3 – War at Home and Abroad

End Term 1 (20 days)
Begin Term 2


Tuesday, Oct 27Day 4 – The End of WWI

Thursday, Oct 29Study Guide – WWI (DUE Nov 5)

Tuesday, Nov 3Jeopardy / Finish Study Guide / Test Prep

Thursday, Nov 5TEST – WWI / Extra Credit Article

Friday, Nov 6ASVAB (for Juniors) NO CLASS

Tuesday, Nov 10WWI Scavenger Hunt / Posters for Hunt (DUE Nov 12)

Thursday, Nov 12Day 1 – The Roaring Twenties

Tuesday, Nov 17Day 2 – Social Revolution

Thursday, Nov 19Quiz – Roaring Twenties / Social Revolution

Friday, Nov 20Day 3 – The Great Depression


Tuesday, Dec 1Day 4 – The New Deal

Thursday, Dec 3Study Guide – Jazz thru Depression (DUE Dec 10)

Tuesday, Dec 8 – Jeopardy / Test Prep

Thursday, Dec 10TEST – Jazz Thru Depression / Extra Credit – Separation of Church and State

Friday, Dec 11Silent Film Planning / Silent Film Possible Topics

Tuesday, Dec 15Silent Film Work (DUE Jan 12)

Thursday, Dec 17Silent Film Work (DUE Jan 12) / Christmas Truce of 1914 Song and Video


Tuesday, Jan 5Silent Film Work (DUE Jan 12)

Thursday, Jan 7Day 1 – The Rise of Dictators

Friday, Jan 8Silent Film Work (DUE Jan 12)

Tuesday, Jan 12Day 2 – Road to War

Thursday, Jan 14Quiz – Dictators and Road to War

End Term 2 / Semester 1 (22 days)
Begin Term 3

Direct any questions to CPT Curtis at